The Israel Goor Theatre Archives and Museum

Theater Archives and Museum is named after Israel Gur, who dedicated his life to studyind and developing theatre culture in Israel. Gore loved and knew the theater and his broad horizons extendedworldwide. The Theatre Archive and Museum began in a small city center apartment and later moved to the Hebrew University of Mount Scoups. The Archive has grown and developed - today it is a treasure of collections, scripts, films, documents and research papers on theatres, directors and actors in Israel and abroad , who have contributed to Jewish and Israeli theatre arts.
The Theatre Archives and Museum serves students, researchers and fans of the theatrewho study the documents, photographs, stage designs and costumes of performances. The small dedicated team, in conjuction with a voluntary menegement committee, cherish the theatre and have made the Achive into a center of students and for visitors, who enjoy services and continue their aducationwithin ats walls.
Eliezer Shoali